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Katama Bay

Katama Bay, Massachusetts

Katama Bay is located on the Eastern end of Martha’s Vineyard, and is exceptional as an estuary as it is located seven miles from the mainland. Katama Bay is fed by the North Atlantic from the well-protected northern end of the bay.
The oysters are grown out and harvested in an entirely environmentally sustainable fashion that utilizes a series of racks and trays which are moored to the floor of the bay. It bears mention that the oysters never come in contact with the floor of the bay, and as such, are exceptionally clean.

The shells of the Katama Bays are just as strong as they are clean. Splintering and chipping are minimal. Less splintering means less shell fragments in the meats. The meat of the Katama Bays is plump and has a high degree of salinity. Size wise, the Katama Bays are coming in at roughly three-and-a-half inches in length, and the shells are deeply cupped.


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