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Sweet Neck

Katama Bay, Massachussetts

Sweet Neck Oysters are raised in Katama Bay, off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, from seed obtained from a certified Maine hatchery.   The young oysters are supplied with plankton rich water from the tail end of the gulf-stream and plump up nicely.
The salinity of the water around Martha’s Vineyard more closely resembles that of the deep Atlantic Ocean than some of the more protected in-shore locales.  It should also be noted that the Atlantic Ocean has a higher salinity than the Pacific Ocean.   Therefore, expect to taste the crisp, clean, brininess inherent to an oyster raises seven miles off shore.

The Sweet Neck oysters are repeatedly brought up and tumbled on a raft in a wind-powered tumbler to promote uniformity, deep cups and strong shells.  They are also pressure cleaned to remove any silt that may find its way into your oyster upon shucking.


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