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Skagit Bay, Washington

The Ichiban oyster is a tide tumbled oyster from the south end of Skagit Bay in the north Puget Sound. Tide tumbling is a process that is utilized to produce an oyster with a deep, mature shell and excellent meat fill. The farm transfers their seed to mesh grow-out bags when they are mature enough to leave the nursery. The bags are attached to a supported cable about 3 feet above the beach. A float is attached to the side opposite the cable to allow the tumbling process to happen. When the tide comes in, the float lifts the bag up and when it recedes, the bag drops 180 degrees to the float down position. The jostling of the oysters through this twice daily process controls the new growth of the shell, encouraging the oyster to produce a deep cup and full meat. The oysters tend to be mild in salinity, slightly sweet and have a lengthy cucumber finish.


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